The pulse
of people
in the music
and stories
of another.

In his pain
In his joy.

In his moments
shared now
in moments

Thank you Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

Just got back from a show at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda — where Nick Cave shared his soul, and pain and life with us all.

This song he sang opened my heart … wide.



An old photo of me dressed reluctantly as a little devil for a fancy dress at my kindergarten. I HATED going like this — and felt really embarrassed. Not sure why I have chosen this photo to go with this poem — but perhaps it’s facing up to the fear inside, and the fear outside. And of now owning who I am and wan’t to be :)

their lead
show me

my lead
show them

Who leads,
who follows

At the heart of a lot of things right now for me,
is this.

The fear of leading the way in my life,
and owning what I do — and don’t want.

You see it’s been easy to follow all these years.

To react to what has come my way.
To deflect, dodge, adapt and deal with.
And to blame others — when it doesn’t go my way.

I know it’s better to rely on myself
and not have too many others truly rely on me.

And it’s exhausting.
And lonely.

And so I say

I will lead
my way,

what may.



Full moon radiance — photo by author

Your words
find me here.

They sometimes
bounce off
my surface,

But there
are times
when they find
their way
deep within
to prod
and poke
these words
now here.

A BIG thank you to the words of others here on Medium.
For reaching me deep inside — and pulling me out with them.

The warmest of love to all you special souls.
Especially Jenny Lane this dark morning after reading your latest piece of life



Mick Gibson

Mick Gibson


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