Tallula and Pooh (who has had teddy bear reconstructive surgery after big Shadow chewed his face off about 7 years ago when a puppy)


The incoming
hit me -
and one,
by one,
by one,
they attack
my resolve,
and harden
to the world.

My skin
in protest of
the onslaught,
as it defends
the inside

My heart
as the battle
until it
the beauty,
and light,
and truth,
in moments
to savour.

A story
A poem
A fur baby
A hug
A smile

A connection
with another.

Yes — it’s been a tough few days/ weeks for a number of reasons.

Mainly the BS of work and demands there truth be told. Which isn’t always easy to walk away from — when there are mouths to feed :)

But I am aware of it.
Thanks prickly skin :)

And there are those moments that replenish and renew.

I’ll be okay — just wanted to capture this moment in time.

Hugs and love
To All

ps … special shout-out to the awesome Stella Lyn Norris and her most recent piece of Lafayette truth. One which I can fully empathise with at the moment.



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Mick Gibson

3 countries, 3 children, 2 dogs and 1 life-partner. I speak and write to make sense of what’s inside.