life’s filter

We expect to
see clearly
until we

Life’s focus
with the filters
we hold on to,
and create,
and use,
to show
the picture
we want
to see.

the filter
and the
is new

A flow of words about the photo taken today down on the beach with my life partner, and of course the ever-present dogs.

I took the photo, and then looked and saw that it was green.
I took another one — and it too was indeed green.

I checked the filters on the phone — and there were none in place.

Until I realised a small piece of grass from my pocket had lodged over the camera, and was filtering the shot.

That’s life I feel.

Knowingly and unknown placed filters — that give different results to what we see, and feel.

Love and hugs
to you all.



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Mick Gibson

3 countries, 3 children, 2 dogs and 1 life-partner. I speak and write to make sense of what’s inside.