Slippers at the door

Most mornings I slip out of bed
in the dark and ease through
the house trying to avoid
it’s creaks
and the dogs’ attention

I turn the heating up a bit
and then take refuge
in the bathroom
with the heat lamp
and my phone
to read the words of others.

They say starting your day
on your phone isn’t healthy,
but for me it is a perfect time
to connect with all of you
and your lives
and your truths.

And when I emerge
the house is warmer,
the light is starting to creep
into the corners of rooms,
and the dogs stir and squeal
with their delight of seeing me.

And outside the bathroom
are my slippers at the door,
placed there by my partner in life,
waiting to be warmed by my feet.

Random acts of kindness are shown in so many different ways.
They truly are little gifts of love dotted throughout life connecting us.

Love and hugs to you all



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Mick Gibson

3 countries, 3 children, 2 dogs and 1 life-partner. I speak and write to make sense of what’s inside.